Express service on mint cards, pad or digitally printed. Mint tins in all shapes and sizes to suit any budget, retail-style tic-tac boxes and novelty test tube mints. Most of the mints are sugar-free and aspartame-free.  

45mm Click Clack Tin

Cool Cards

Mini Hinged Tins

Mini Tic-Tac Pack

Mint Stick

Peppermint Bar

Silver Mint Tins

Silver Travel Tin

Tall Tins

Test Tube

Tic-Tac Box

Mini Sliding Tin

Printed Mints

Rectangular Pocket tin

Truck shaped mint card

Round mint card

Heart shaped mint card

House shaped mint card

Flow Wrapped Mints

Twin Tin

Mint Promo Card


 Shaped Mints


 Bespoke Shaped Mints