Low cost personalised wrapped and flow pack sweets, British made rock sticks and rock sweets, unique and innovate logo sweets, fun candyfloss, retro popping candy and Haribo marshmallows are amongst this range of promotional sweets.

Blister Pack Advent Calendar

Mini Sweet Jar

Digitally Printed Sweets

Promo Sweet Bag

Personalised Sweets

Fruit Sweets In Wrapper

Rock Sticks

Rock Sweets

Slim Box

Slim Can

Sweet Cushion

Flow Wrap Sweets

Haribo Mini Marshmallows

Sweet Bottle

Logo Mint/Sweets

Digitally Branded Rock


Popping Candy

Confectionary bags

Retro Sweet Bag


Bag of Sweets


Heart shaped Tin

Branded marshmallow

Mini Candy in Flowpack



Sweet Tube

Sliding Sweet Box

Marshmallow Box

Flow Wrapped Jellies

Sweet Tower

Small Prism Box

Large Prism Box

Push Sweet Box

Sweet Cube


Coloured Puffs

Mini Loveheart Roll

Giant Loveheart Roll

Vegetarian Haribo

Haribo Cola Bottles

Hario Sour Bear

Promotional Bag

Jelly Bean Flowpack